The Beach, Plus Pablo

by. Mr. Alfred Aguinaldo Yuson

Pablo walked the beach.

Small waves rippled

As large words

Round his sandals.

His sonnets slipped

On the wet stones

Until the passion

Of winds and love

Of sun dried the page

Of the poet’s longing.

The beach walked Pablo. 

On this island

Their mutual desire

Found a homeland.

Distant was this exile

From the first hearts

The poet touched.

But now as an alien

Calmly reaching out

To the postman

Pablo became the beach.

Became all waves, all winds,

All sonnets, all stones,

All hearts, all islands.

And the beach became

All poems, all passion,

All longing, all desire.

Together Pablo and the beach

Reached out to sun and sheets,

To poets and seas and postmen.

Together they walked homelands.