At Peace With Myself

by. Menatalla Hany Mohamed (Grade XI, Cambridge School, Dubai)

Sometimes, we lose ourselves

And turn into people we're not.

So when we look at the mirror,

We can't recognize what it caught.

And we linger in this phase, some of us embracing

The monsters of our being.

Then we walk through this life, blinded by the selfishness of not


Anyone but ourselves, forgetting that each time we

Breathe, we influence.

That every one of us was made, to live in congruence.

Like the oceans and the land, preaching to unite for survival

So why can't humans learn to share this Earth, without a rival?

I could look up to the sky, and see the birds together among the clouds,

But when I look at the people, I get lost amidst the crowds.

Pictures of blood on TV, 

Enough blood to drain the Nile and fill it again.

Wars to fulfill self-needs lie around,

Waiting to begin.

But what if we let the music play, and

We just sway to the song.

Close our eyes for a moment, life is short; it's not long.

And maybe then we'd learn to hear, the cries

Of peace that we neglect

And learn to flow with one another, and adapt this prospect.