Artistic Scripture

by. Malavika Suresh; Year 11G, Al Diyafah High School, Dubai

You must not be witness, stared or looked at,
Much like these words mustn’t be witnessed stared or looked at,
Rather your lips purple with wine and eyes that entice inexplicable emotions within minds,
Must be studied like one studies art;

The grooves and strokes of your skin define
The hardships and thoughts your eyes have been trained to hide
You are no form of modern art that blatantly speaks to the world the way it is,
For within you lies an old soul full of meaning and hope for interpretation to those who need to make sense of their own woes
The shades and tint of your mind describe a world of emotions hidden within the ones who study your smile;

But most of all, your artistic scripture lies, within the truth that speaks,
‘Art does not stand in the hope of making onlookers understand it
But rather stands in the hope of making onlookers understand themselves.’