A Journey of a Thousand Miles

by. Leiganne H. Fernandes (Senior 2D, St. Mary’s Catholic High School, Dubai)

Peace is blind in the eyes of my people,

Bringing swords, weapons, fire and spear,

To deepen my wounds of destruction and war

And awaken the dreadful dawn of hell.

Mankind, taking the most tragic leap

Into the starless midnight of racism and injustice,

That the fantasy of a bright daybreak of peace and love,

Can never turn into a reality.

Dispute and conflict, the only air we breathe

Inhaling pollution and exhaling agitation

Peace is a plant that can never survive,

If it isn't planted in each one's heart.

Walking towards the outskirts of the world

With a white bag of peace,

The journey of a thousand miles,

It must be taken one step at a time.