Those People

by. Laxmi Shanker Bajpai

Those were the people who

with tiny boxes filled with fine sugar

would go in search of anthills

They would scatter seeds on terraces

for birds to feed on.

They would get troughs of water

made outside their houses for

thirsty animals passing by.

and before eating their own meal

They would set aside a portion for cows and

other creatures.

They wouldn’t let anyone pluck a single leaf from the trees

after sunset

lest the resting trees be disturbed.

They would start conversations on their own

and ask strangers for introductions

They would heartily help those in need

and if someone asked them for directions

they would gladly

escort the person to his destination.

and if at some odd hour a lost traveler

happened to come to their

door they would provide him with

food and a place to rest

maybe such a species does still exist

in some remote village or hamlet

I wish it were possible to create a museum for them

So that generations to come would learn that

This too was a way of living.