by. Vlad Stoicescu

You’re too little to make a difference in the world;

Or so you think…

Who knows, you might be the missing piece to a puzzle,

The world’s puzzle.

You were given the ability to change the world,

So why not use it to its best,

Through the simple actions,

Of accepting and believing.

So let’s open our doors,

And show our respect with honesty,

Like a bodacious bird,

Learn to be guided by the wind.

We are all one race,

And yet, we seek anger and hate,

Rather than love and passion;

Without them we are helpless.

It’s all about what we do,

To help, to accept, to believe,

To free with tolerance,

Not shut our doors.


by. Jewel Abbey - Oxford School (Dubai)

A month ago, the heart was sewn shut

The arteries were tangled with stitches of cruel profanities

Each carried it's own mark. All were a part of mindless casualties.

A week ago, the eyes were pierced through.

By the nails of the fatuous. By the blade of the wretched.

The thread that sutured the eyelids,

Scarred the rejected, neglected and the tormented

A day ago, the lungs were tied together,

With hopes that the head may forget the living air we breathe

With hopes that the mind could drown in the deep abyss.

The ropes that bind the flesh dug through wounds beneath

Today, the bones were wrapped together.

Two feet stood in front of the postulate

Whilst darkness consumed the skin

With auburn leaves hiding in the shadows,

Hate spat from the cold throat and mist seeped out from the lips.

And once again, humanity failed to save a lost soul

With words of bliss.

Society failed to recognize

The difference between ignorance and innocence,

Which is truly a shame,

Because tolerance and understanding are partners in crime.

In a world where faith and hope exists,

It is only us that get to make a difference.