by. Jeremy Williams, Grade 12, Raffles World Academy, Dubai.

Peace: the dawning light
that lit up the world anew.
Newly formed ideas
and ideologies illustrate a change in pace,
Perhaps in place of the warring hate
That hateful people had loved.

To secure this though are us,
Those that indicate and innovate
The beliefs of the first,
The nature of the second,
The culture of the third-
Three worlds in one.
One for all to prevent all undone.

Peaceful we sit under our setting suns
as sons and daughters, us, carry on
Carrying, caring, sharing minds.
Hearts and souls generating
Generations of hope
Hopeful for a better time.

Life, a piece of an infinite line
One our owl-wise eyes can shape.
Creating, aiding, improving relations
As old expectations break.

While we form our foundations
The violent foes fade,
Faded by shimmering dawning skies.
As we watch, once again
Hopeful and happy,
At our glorious and peaceful sunrise.