Our Earth

by. Ishan Zalpuri - ( Springdales School , Dubai)

What happened to this world?

The beauty of the Earth is being sold,

A pain that i cannot hold,

So, to show my emotions, i wrote a poem.

The stories of the nature my mom told me;

The pride of the mountain,

The calm of the trees,

The love of the sky,

And the joy of the seas.

Has all gone by.

With tears in my eyes, I say this with a sigh

What happened to this world?

The diseases are growing,

The trees are falling,

The glacier is melting.

Look what we have done,

There is no sky, no light, and no sun.

We have lost everything for life to run.

In a race where there is nothing to be won.

Everyone is lost!

In their greed of buying everything for a cost.

What happened to this world?

Why is too dull and low?

What happened to the winds that blow?

Why is there no rain, no snow?

God had made this world for us

To care for everyone over here.

To protect them from whoever dare

To spoil the gift that, we share?

I am in deep guilt and pain

For what the human race had to gain.

From this world.

And now I request, to the future

And the present

Let’s not make ourselves an ugly past,

Instead let's make up a beautiful future.

For us, for the beings, for our planet

 Mother Earth………