Suucess ( A True Success )

by. Gul Mehek Khan

When I yearned to sail across the sea

To find the adventures beyond me

I grew scared that I would fail

To get aboard the ship and set the sail

I worried about my path ahead

Trying to gather courage in my head

I climbed into the boat and set the sail

But soon after, my strength began to frail

I went back home, to my bed

Wondering where in my life I would be led

The next day, I went back to the dock

But when I pushed of, my boat nearly crashed into a rock

I went back once more to my hut, my head in my hands

Wondering how at this rate will I be able to explore other lands

But I still went and sat in my boat, pulling the sail up high

Catching a gale so strong that it seemed as if we were in the sky

So, after all, I got what I dreamed

And that is what success is to me

So, success is something that you don’t always get at first

And when you don’t, you often think that it’s the worst

But if you keep on persevering and achieve your goal

You will get inner-satisfaction and happiness to your soul.