Through His Eyes

by. Gopika Ganesh - Our Own English High School (Dubai)

A juncture of unsettling haze

A brume of wretchedness, of bitter woes

The raucous laughter of deranged foes

The silent screams of slaughtered souls

Tarnished hands yearning conception

Sworn to the soldier's creed,

But with a core of clemency

He brushes away the remnants

Of a once beating heart, his comrade

He remembered those days

Of subtle smiles and gentle laughs

Of an unscathed mind and guileless eyes

A suckling's life, an unrehearsed mime

Then came the comber

Of noxious lies and rebuking cries

Of wars and incomprehension

A world brewing mayhem

What he longed for was not transcendental

But rather, a bout of rectitude

Where origins and chronicles

Stratums and cachets

None mattered

He sat beside the ageing grave

A gnarled finger tracing the epitaph

There was a sadness to his eyes

But a happiness to his heart

For when his compeer,

Walks down Heaven's lane

He will see Peace from afar

And he'll smile, at his turn of fate