To a mother who didn't give me birth, but gave me hope

by. Gokul Prajeeth; Grade 10, Gems Modern Academy, Dubai.

Tough has life been,

Obstacles faced I have through my life.

People Have I come across,

But inspired my life did none but one.

Hopeless were the times I remember,

Given up hope I remember.

Desperate I was to talk to someone,

Came in like an angel one day someone!

She was no mother to me,

She was no idol to me.

Simple and loving she was in her way,

Unconditional caring and nurturing was her way.

Expressed I did myself through words,

Developed my interest she did through her words.

Persuaded me to work she did,

Believed in me she did.

No great words does this piece contain,

But my love for her is all this contains 

Give up did the world tell me,

But give it one more try she whispered to me.

Picked me up from deep holes she did,

Let me think and teach me fly she did.

No science will agree she is my mother, but

My heart and her soul goes much beyond science.

Searched for hope I have,

Given me hope she has.

Taught me to live my life she did,

Helped me to become hope for others she did!

As I sit and contemplate,

I know for a fact,

Many a more she will inspire in her short life.

For she is the mother

To many of her children who she didn't give birth,

But guided their lives, and

Showed them exists does family and hope,

Beyond science and theories.