But We Need More Help

by. Gian Waldo Vital (Winchester School)

The oceans bubble and foam, like acidic soap

With specks of dead fish and corals to scrub away the oils.

The forests moan and fall, like popular furniture

Fast disappearing in the markets with a greener future.

The streams fill and clog, like gutters

Filled with scraps and thrash in an untended clutter.

The air is tight and pungent, like toxic aerosol

With nauseating odours that burn through the Earth’s soul.

The temperature rises and overflows, like a heated cooking basin

Overflowing and boiling, threatening to melt the casing.

The weather comes and goes quickly, like prices

Of depleting resources and increasing consumer items.

Creatures great and small, thin and hungry

For what lays in a garbage bag: crunchy, chunky and incredibly funky

Beasts roaming free, captive and dying

By plastic ties, boxes and chemicals from thrash slowly expiring

Men naïve and ignorant, shocked and disgusted

When they find little pieces of plastic in fish they ingested

Men apathetic but able, consume and live wastefully

While the whole world trembles, decays and boils carefully.

Groups small yet committed, striving and lobbying

For factories and individuals to stop their pollutive dumping.

Individuals alone yet committed, changing and fighting

To protect animals, plants and environment fast-disappearing.

Slowly but surely, we’ll have a greener future to look after –

Bright and clean, where we can hear the rustle of leaves and joyful laughter.