Human and Nature

by. Erin Mitchel J Abadilla

The cradle in which I’ve always lingered,

Is you- the soil where nature gathered.

If I could touch you like you’re human,

I’d feel every detail as much as I can.

Is it your pair of hands that serves as your leaves?

Your hands underneath your sleeves,

Your skin with hues of mostly green,

With the prettiest flowers I’ve ever seen.

My mother nature, you amaze me

If I could only climb your tree,

I’d see the world beneath my feet,

And be where my heart and nature meet

If I could only swim the depths of your oceans,

And reach the deepest parts of the Earth,

I’d be the luckiest in this planet,

To have explored all of life’s birth.

My dear, my mother, despite your beauty,

I couldn’t ignore what they’ve done to thee.

Look at the wounds they’ve inflicted overall,

The blood that seeps from your waterfall

If I look into the windows of your soul,

I’ll see your despair that’ll ring and howl,

Whenever they take and take and take

But never give back for your sake

As I watch from afar- lost in the crowd of people

I see you kneeling and weeping as I struggle to break free

And reach out to you to hold you, to save you from swindle

“Why? Why can’t I reach thee?!”

“Mother! You have suffered too much!”

Too much to count, too much for such

A beautiful work of nature like you

That should be cherished as I do