Embroider Me

by. Dr Talal Al Junaibi

Embroider me

With stitches

That is made of your emotions

Stitch me

Around a body

Which becomes softer when i touch it

Make me

Your transparent color

In order for

My feelings to wear

Its true color

Watch me from the balcony of

The clouds

Ask about me

And come back after some time

I will come back

One morning believe me

I will be meeting the feelings

Of those true lovers

I will throw

My feeling water on them

I will be smelled out of

Perfumes that came out of the of the attendant

Feel me your eyes will never see me

But you will smell the amazing

Jasmine scent instead

طرزيني �


 بخيوطٍ من (حنينْ)


 حول رزينيجيدٍ بي (يلين)

 إجعليني لونك 

 الشفاف حتى

 يكتسي الإحساس

 باللون (المبين)


 بهناءٍ ثم غيبي 

 و ابحثي عني

 بعزم (الصادقينْ)

 أرقبيني فوق

 شرفاتِ السحابِ

إسالي عني