The Path of Peace

by. Dr. Qais Ghanem

Come with me on the path of peace

Bring your kids, your nephew and niece

Come with me to the mountain top

We may pause, reflect and stop

To feed a doe, or little bird

Singing tunes you’ve never heard

To sip the freshness of the stream

Bouncing off the sunshine gleam

And as we reach beyond the cloud

That hugs us in that misty shroud

We’ll have reached where eagles dare

And cast our eyes, from way up there

To see those homes, dotting the glen

Full of children, women and men

Linking arms, in a merry-go-round

Singing aloud, prancing around

Jumping hopping, hitting the ground

Screaming, laughing, safe and sound

And in their farms, where apples grow

Where cool blue streams will ebb and flow

Rushing, gushing, or winding slow

Where winds of change will always blow

Where peace does reign for man and beast

The tribe forever, content with the least

There is no famine, nor wasteful feast

For north and south, for west and east

Come with me to the island of peace

Where hope will rise, and love increase

Where wars of greed forever will cease

And the dove of peace we shall release!