Rain Drops

by. Prof. Kithaka Wa Mberia

You, drops of rain

You, heroes of life

You have arrived

At an opportune time

A time of need

With valour unshakable

You have emancipated plants

From the noose of sorrow

In the hearts of people

Animals, insects and birds

You have born beautiful rays

Of the light of delight

Yesterday, we never smiled-

Dust whistled at us in derisively 

The sun treated us insolently

Cows, goats and warthogs

Had their bodies emaciated 

But today

The children of sheep

Oh, behold them in the courtyard!

They jump and somersault

For the tender warmth of delight

Fills their blood

In the eyes of the chicken

Hope glitters-

Signs are speaking

In the near future

Sorghum will glisten

Bulrush will blossom

Bringing to an end the struggles

Beside the mortar and the pestle

You invaluable guests

Be in no haste to depart

Stay, be a metal fortress

Against the grenades

Of drought and famine

Rain Drops

by. Dr. Qais Ghanem

 If every woman/ and every man

Would only do/ whatever they can

To make this world/ a better place

For every tribe/ and every race

If every girl/ and every boy

Would shake a hand/ or share a toy

With those who never/ had a chance

Their lives will sing/ and perhaps dance

Like drops of rain/ that wash a hill

Each will roll down/ and never stay still

And gather speed/ on the lower rock

Never look back/ and never stop

Only to join/ another big drop

On its way down/ in great hurry

And the two shall hug/ and embrace- 2

And cascade down/ at quicker pace

And meet their match/ at a lower place

Those four are now/ a real weight - 4

Which hurtles down/ and cannot wait

On that cascade/ to find its mate

And form a drop/ made up of eight - 8

But now that weight/ does wind its way

Deep in the rocks/ it tears a path

And sweeps that mud/ down the mountain side

Only to find out/ it’s not all alone

There is one more/ a few yards down

Tearing its way/ at dizzying speed

Bursting with bubbles/ jumping with joy

Singing crisp songs/ down that steep hill

Pushing harder/ singing louder

These two will share/ a path in the crag

At such a speed/ they’d never seen

They are, by now/ all of sixteen - 16

They turn those leaves/ so bright and green

But further down/ they meet some more

From east and west/ from south and north

In fact they’re now/ sixty and four - 64

They have made it/ to the nadir

But then they see/ some other streams

That hurtle down/ past thirsty bushes

Gently watering/ some parched roots

So wilting leaves/ rise up to smile

You can see the smiles/ from a mile

At the bottom/ of that big hill

Where old farmers/ could never till

That fissured brown/ arid caked mud

The winding streams/ ponder and pause

They had laboured/ for a good cause

Now weary/ and can no longer roam

And at last/ they must call it home

And the tiny/ little drop

Which started/ at the top

Couldn’t have/ on its own

Saved the day/ or the crop!

That’s why I said/ at the very start

If every girl/ and every boy

And every one/ would play their part

Peace will prevail/ life will be a joy.