Not Just the Few

by. Dr. Qais Ghanem

I cast my eyes, and see the stars

That wink at me, and there is Mars

That god of war, which we abhor

For it is peace, that we stand for

So look at us, do you not see

One human mass, big as the sea

Made up of waves, of diverse shape

That ebb and rise, in one landscape

Together we live, with no escape

Together we die, if we look agape

And let Martians, pillage and rape

For all we leave are bags of bones

Six foot under heavy head stones

Whether you’re Ali, or Doctor Jones

Whether we’re white or other clones

Almighty God, the god of all

Of black and white, of big and small

Whose name we see, on every scroll

On this fine day, of a golden fall

I’ll bend my knees, or stand up tall

And ask of you, to hear my call

To end the hate, and crush the wall

To grant us peace and bless our soul

And with my verse, I say to you

Come shake my hand, if you’re a Jew

And kiss my cheek, if you’re Hindu

Let Christians come, join the queue

Let Muslims in, to bring their crew

And Sikhs arrive, in turbans blue

Let’s welcome all, and humanists too

Let’s banish war, and stage a coup

Against the racists, no matter who

Here is my wish: we must come through

Hot bread for all, not the well-to-do

Shelter the child, of every hue

Honour the woman, gentle and true

Respect for all, long overdue

And peace for all, not just the few!