The Stone

by. Dr. Manfred Malzahn

It was on the beach that I found   it 

A smooth, green, glistening   stone

It was of a noble complexion   

And had chosen to lie alone   


I’d been walking for almost an hour   

Collecting things, just as you would   

Now there was this pebble so small, green and round   

I’d seen nothing else half as good   


I lifted it from its pillow of sand

And carried it into my den   

I gave it a place of honor, between two feathers and an old pen   

I went back early next morning   

To look at the treasure

I’d won


The  shining queen of all marbles

A perfect wee emerald sun   


But the den was dark as I entered   

As though someone had broken the spell   

The stone that I saw looked dry and dull   

You could see it was not feeling well   


It was on the beach that I left it  

It did not belong to me   

I set it down, and softly spoke   

My apologies to the sea