Fighting for Peace

by. Dr. Daisaku Ikeda

The bright light of peace!

All the world

advancing in joyful harmony,

a world lit

by the bright cheer of peace!

  * * *

In the words of

one statesman:

Peace is not found

in the interval

between one war

and the next.

Where there is no peace,

happiness is unthinkable.

  * * *

We will struggle relentlessly

against those who would destroy peace.

We will struggle relentlessly

against those who force

their evil on others. 

We will struggle relentlessly

against those who author

secret wrongs,

inflicting these

with callous abandon.

  * * *

I raise my voice

and call out to them:

Do not lose yourself in the maze.

Do not succumb

to the allure of squander.

Do not sink in bogs

of destruction and vanity!

Beware of all that

warps your humanity!

The purpose of living is happiness,

an outcome only determined

in the full and final measure

of a person’s life.

  * * *

Where life is cherished,

there peace is found.

Where people are united

in the richness of their hearts,

there peace exists

as a tangible reality.

  * * *

Crowds gather

in the morning mist

hailing, calling out their praise

for mothers and for peace.

Your shining eyes,

directed at human happiness

and at peace,

are filled with ageless wisdom.

I offer my solemn tribute

to you who have embraced

so many desperate people,

who have grown to become

a proud and gifted teacher

of the soul’s eternal songs.

* * *

As Socrates declared:

What is important

is not simply to live,

but to live well.

As Victor Hugo cried:

Young people, take heart.

If there are those who would make

the present difficult,

our future will be beautiful.

  * * *

My friend!

Upholding the dignity of life

maintain the calm

and confident manner

of one eternally victorious,

of one whose spirit sprints

swiftly ahead.

  * * *

With splendid effort

let us win and gain

the crown

of inner victory!

No matter what,

please win!

I also, am most assuredly

determined to win.

Salute this procession,

this triumphant march toward peace!

June 2, 2001

Fighting for Peace

by. Dr. Daisaku Ikeda

As Socrates declared: 

   What is important 

   is not simply to live, 

   but to live well. 

As Victor Hugo cried: 

   Young people, take heart. 

   If there are those who would make 

   the present difficult, 

   our future will be beautiful. 

However much some may 

be showered in renown 

and receive the heated cheers 

of the multitude, 

this is of little concern. 

For the value and significance 

of a person's life 

must be assessed in its entirety. 

We must ask: 

Has this been a life 

which brightly cast the light 

of conviction and justice 

over past, present and future– 

like a jewel whose facets 

mutually capture and reflect? 

My friend! 

Sharing a celebratory toast, 

let us envision the immense 

scale of our future, 

free from sorrowful sighs, 

lit by ten million sparkling 

points of light. 

My dear friend, 

in the midst of this demented era 

you advance boldly, youthfully, powerfully 

along the freshly open path 

of the new century, 

laughing grandly with 

your friends and fellows. 

Sounding the bell of conviction 

you gather strength and empower 

one another. 

There, the sun's 

pleasant, lively light awaits. 

There line up 

the adornments 

of numberless stars. 

And there await 

friends passionately 

sharing our convictions, 

who peer with calm and easy smiles 

into the deepest reaches 

of our heart. 

Most noble and precious 

are such friends; 

changeless, undiminished friends, 

our eternal treasure. 

Even if, 

for the sake of truth, 

we are together forced 

to drain the bitter cup, 

the time will surely come when 

--now bathed in honor 

and having shed all failure 

or exhaustion—

we will address to all humanity 

a proud acceptance speech 

for the victory that is ours. 

Emperors are human. 

Ordinary citizens are human. 

So are the powerful. 

All people are. 

Our true human worth 

is determined by the state 

of our inner life. 

It is determined by 

what we achieve. 

And it is determined by 

the nobility of the goals 

toward which we strive.