I got up to the Rising Sea

by. Dr. Aysha Al-Busmait

 A country … that knows how to show you the way it

And embroil you in its love … Thus Lebanon has seduced me, The embers of love

Narrated lifelong dreams

In the cradles of Pleiades

Like no other

What a young girl

That came out of the sun coat

And started to weave concerns

For the lovely future

Her charm was illusion ..

that intoxicated lovers

When the rapture of sedition

Came staggering .. they said:

“It’s the act of God, who wished and granted ..”

Ever since the Phoenix started ..

to sing an everlasting song

I got up to the rising sea

Washed my wounds

But will the burning desire ...

spill off the pool of wishes?

She spoke to me …

with love creeping to her forehead

Despite past worries

It refused to subside

I read all conjurations

For a secret she only knows

She turned ..

striding in a world of paradise

Recapping life in a spring ..

of blossoming Gardenia

With fragrance ..

And glittering mountains at night ..

looking like heavens…

Where light is subdued

Stars scattered

And the heart glittered

Then I knew

I have fallen in the way of seduction

حصلت على ما يصل الى بحر ارتفاع