Guardians to my beloved’s sleep

by. Dr. Ali Jaafar Al-Allaq

Those slender birds surround my soul

Craving my weariness

They shower me with their melancholy

So I guard my lady’s sleep as I begin to write:

Her sleep is as soft as dew, and I proceed,

She is a rose at my doorway, spreading her scent upon my dreary days,

As she awakens purity’s desire

And if the deer would sprinkle their fragile (soft, delicate)loneliness,

We and the Sand of the Euphrates collide

My loneliness turns to trees on both banks, and a row guiding me through its troubled waters,

And “Rawah” will always be the green part of my heart

Her pale summer love remains my companion, yet:

Guards cornered me at her entrance, as I hear the tribes murmuring:

It is the gypsy! He is drowning in his sorrow

The sand and the deprived are his only shelter

His tears were as harsh the dust crowning the rocks

Hunger dripped from his finger tips.

I broke as if I were a glass and “Rawah” remains a lark of silver wandering through my veins.

I come to thee, a singing flame, a hunted pane

And a doorway.

I come to thee, pale as the sand and just as rough while dust weeps in the palms of my hands

I come to thee,

If only you would smell the ashes of my face

Your tears will fall to set your garments on fire

I surround my beloved with sweet songs

& guard her tender sleep

I set her fire of yearning free

And this is how they come to me:

The misfortunate,

The deer,

The slender birds!

All rough in the coldest hours

They gather beside me

Covering my garments

With stones, or loneliness,

or flowers.


حــرسٌ لنــوم الحبيـبة

تجُاورُني العصافيرُ النحيفةُ ،

تَشتهي تعَبي ،

تُبلَّلُني كآبتُها ،

فأحرسُ نومَ سيَّدتي ،

وأكتبُ : نومُها ماءٌ ،

وأُكمِلُ :

وردةٌ في البابْ

تُعطَّرُ رملَ أيّامي ،


شهوةَ الأعشابْ ..

إذا ما رشّت العزلانُ

وحشتَها المبلَّلةَ ، اختلطنا

نحنُ والرملُ الفُراتيُّ ،

استدارتْ وحشتي



و "راوةُ" سعفةٌ في القلب ،

عاشَرَني هواها الشاحبُ ، الصيفيُّ ،

حاصَرَني على أبوابِها الحُراسُ ،

همهمتِ القبائلُ :

إنّه الغجريُّ ،

طافحةٌ كآبتُهُ،


بالرملِ والفُقراءِ ..

كان الدمعُ

أخشنَ من غُبارِ الصخرِ ،

كانَ الجوعُ يقطرُ من أصابعهِ ،

انكَسَرْتُ ، كأنّني قَدَحُ

و "راوةُ" في دمي طيُر من الفضَّة ..

أجيُئكِ ، إنّني جمٌر يغّني

ونافذٌة مطاردةٌ ،


أجيئُك شاحباً، كالرملِ ، خشْناً

وفي كفَيَّ ينتحِبُ التُرابُ ..

أجيُئكِ ،

لو شمَمْتِ رمادَ وجهي ،

لفاَحَ الدمعُ

واشتعلَتْ ثيابُ ..

أغنّي حولَ سيّدتي ،

وأحرسُ نومَها المائيَّ ، أفتَحُ جمرَها ،

يأتي المساكينُ ، الغزالاتُ ،  

العصافيرُ النحيفَةُ ،

خَشْنَةً في البَردْ ،

تجاورُني ،

وتتركُ فوقَ قمصاني

حصىً ،

أو وحشةً ،