A Family Poem

by. Dr. Ali Jaafar Al-Allaq

When autumn was preparing me for his companionship,

I told him this:

Here they are! Approaching towards my solitude with the clouds

Fruitful and blessed they come to me,

So save your gifts, keep them for now

For both of them will bestow their mist and tender hands upon my books

Or shower their care over my foreseen loneliness

Those words I said, with honest bliss.

My daughters come to me with warmth

And rhyme turns into

A season for yearning and youth and blessing

Here they are:

A shower of rain that sets the clouds on fire

And here I am: 

Remnants fraught with ecstasy

Like engravings embedded in the hands

And those birds of warmth

Fly within my yearning soul

Intoxicated, Two at each and every time.

قصيدة عـائلية


  حين كان الخريفُ يهيُّئني

لصداقته ، قلتُ لـهْ :

  ها هما تُقبِلان مع الغيمِ،

  مثمرتينِ، فوفِّرْ هداياكَ،


  ستوزّعُ غيمَ يدَيْها على

  كتبي، أو على

  وحشتي المقبلـةْ

  هكذا قلتُ لـهْ..

وتجيئان دافئتـينِ مع الغيمِ


موسـمٌ للحنـين،  وللعـافيـةْ..

ها هما:  مطرٌ شبّ في غيمتينْ ..

ها أنـا:  طللٌ ينتشي

  فجأةً ، مثلَ وشمِ اليدينْ

  والقطا ثملاً يتطايرُ 

    ملءَ حنيني اثنتـينِ..

    اثنتين ..