A Doctor.... So Human

by. Dr. Akram Jamil Konbos

From a distance a voice calls:

In this hospital here,

Expecting arrival

Of a patient in no state of patience

Dr, Jabber swiftly gone 

Planting hope

On a father's lips

Heavy with reproach for the doctor's delay

To rescue his ailing son in haste

Saying: O Doctor

Have our lives become so cheap?

The doctor smiled back,

Dear uncle, he said

Behold, may Al Mighty God

Relieve the agony we live in all

And he disappeared for hours in a roam deep in duress

And the poor father

In distress walks up and down the place

Waiting for a signal of hope from his doctors nod

Saving the drown deep in the sea of grieve and mourn

When the doctors hailed his call and smiled 

Saying: oh dear uncle

By the grace of God 

Our ship of hope has in safety docked 

And this pigeon shall tell you the story of health

But the father was desperate to ask the doctor more in fret 

But in haste the doctor left, like a light wind

Leaving the poor father's heart in anguished perplexed

His eyes closed 

Behind far thoughts so revolved

And by what he saw

He said: what is this life we are in

Why in selfish arrogance does he not respond?

As if measuring in cash time so spent

Or as if

He is the one by whose hands destiny upheld

But the pigeon disclosed its secret

To wipe away his darkened thinking

Saying: O uncle

God have graced your son with health

And the doctor in haste has left 

To bid his dying son's farewell 

Speechless, as if he was possessed 

And said:

Oh Merciful God of happiness and distress

The devil has mingled with our intents

And we maliciously held that man in regret