by. Dana Rone Martin 10A: The Philippines School

Why did they choose me?

What did they see?

Out of billions of people, why?

Maybe this is all a lie

I'm like a lock without a key

Always thinking I'll never be free

Because no one can open me

It’s not easy as one, two, and three

But when they came, everything became bright

It’s now warm, instead of a cold night

I was complete for the first time

Like getting away after committing a crime

Only I feel something might go wrong

Like creating a really bad song

They could vanish into thin air

Like a dream that turned into a nightmare

But when I was about to break

They were like icing on a cake

They never left me

That’s when I realized we were meant to be

How could I deserve someone like them?

I'm the flower and they're the stem

Without them, I'd probably die

Like a bird without a sky

Even though I'm not perfect

A complete reject

You still accept me

Like I'm part of your family

If I hadn't met any one of you

I would still be feeling blue

Never knowing what's true

Not even knowing who's who

A thank you isn't enough

So they might think this is a bluff

But they're now my light, my sun

My number one

I promise to be there

Until it ends

This I swear

To you, my best friends