All is too late now (unless…)

by. Cyrill Kiersten Cecillano

I glanced as activists marched

Lumberjacks Stratford through

Hark! The sharp blade against the birch tree

Woeful knowing it cannot stop this travesty

A bystander I was, along with a thousand of others

Watching them as they murder

A tree to a stump

Another and another

Years have passed, I’m already thirteen

That once vast forest now a distant memory

Knowing I could have stopped that event, I regret

For tolerating such a drastic change in our planet

I think of what the next generation will face

My children, my family, and the whole human race

Some might say this is all just faith

“God has planned this it’s all destiny!”

But I think there’s another way

This path we’re heading is just fake wishes and compromises

By politicians and phony people for their endeavors and own enjoyment

But we can still turn back it’s not too late

With cooperation and teamwork

We can make the most beautiful creation

Earth, a better place.