Shadow March

by. Claudio Pozzani

Ropes are falling from the sky

and frozen chains dance round you

It’s a world of knots

to be unraveled in the dark

between a bolt of phosphorus

and one of cries

It’s a tangle of ropes

that defy the scissors’ hands

A comb that gets caught

in an unthinking mane

Shadow… shadow

Another blink of the eye (and then it’s)

I look around myself and all I see is walls.

Even my mirror has become a wall.

On your breasts a skin of wall has grown

My heart, my senses

Reincarnated in walls

And prayers and curses keep on raining down

Evaporating as soon as they touch the sand.

And adverbs, adjectives and words without a sound

Slither away in a poisonous silence

Shadow… shadow

Another blink of the eye

Of the sun I see only its reflection

In iridescent puddles of rainwater

Of the moon I perceive its presence in the dark

In the faraway barking of chained dogs.

My peace is not the lack of war

My peace is the absence of the concept of war.

Shadow… shadow

Another blink of the eye and then it’s…