Mary Liberum [sea of freedom]

by. Behshid Behrouzi (Winchester School)

To set the world free,

You’d have to see;

What clasps its imprisonment,

So you cannot testify claiming ‘lack of acknowledgement;’

Adolescents like you and me,

Forced to pay their country’s greedy fee

Scattered around the world they are famished and droughty;

 Imprisoned by robust chains of poverty

Take me to the see of freedom,

Where none is found of racism

Let me sail my boat proud,

Reinforced by a cheery crowd

Divide me not from rich or poor

There is no need for this extra chore

Favour them not for their pulchritude,

From these tasks take interlude

Then ye’ will be taken to the see of freedom,

Where politics and wars are seldom

All aboard the ship of tranquility,

There you may rejoice for infinity.