Colours of Skin

by. Angeleena Weslin

I say to you today that the colour of one’s skin has no value

Skin is just a layer of tissue protecting one’s body

Judging someone by the colour of their skin, is just being shallow

Either light or dark we can only judge a person by their heart

Value someone by their personality

It wasn’t their choice of how they would want to look like

We are bonded together by chains of humanity

But our judgmental minds are blinding us

This whole mess in insanity

Look at life through a different lens

Live in a world where everyone blends

In a world where everyone is friends

Our home, the earth, is round

It has no sides or corners, no first or last

Green and Blue aren’t the only colours, the colours of our skin are included too

So let us be like that;

In a world where racism is put in the past

Where we don’t discriminate, but celebrate our colours