A Guiding Light

by. Amiya Johar (Gems Modern Academy)

A paintbrush clasped in my equanimous hand,

Gliding swiftly across the canvas of being.

Portraying a life whose uncertainities I withstand,

with a companion to whom I gave my heart for vigilant safekeeping.

My hand, fatigued, under considerable strain,

Begins to quiver along its way.

Collapses, perceiving sheer pain,

The canvas depicting the landscape of life, blemished, on the ground it lay.

No later, I sensed a familiar touch, grabbing my throbbing, aching hand,

Raising it deliberately, cautious to cause no further pain,

Guiding it to the partially finished portrayal and

Adding a stroke of radiant colour, returning my strength again.

I turned, seeking the generous face,

Of the tender-hearted soul who gave me new strength to face

My challenges in times of toil,

With unwavering loyalty and utmost grace.

I find myself peering into the kind eyes of that reliable friend,

Who remained by my side, until the very end.

Though we worked hard for endless hours,

My masterpiece became ours.