Universal harmony

by. Ali Ramin Vejahati

My people Im found and Im lost
and Im lost and Im found
you trust in my sound
my sound is what you trust
You must make a vow
the vow is a must
cuz You relate to my phrase
my phrase relates to Your pain
cuz what I speak you feel
when I speak you heal
what I see,you see,
the pain in your eyes is so lucid,
what I hear u hear,
let my voice be the wind and gently whisper in your ears
what I fear is You,
you is what I fear,
your the reason that I tear
im the reason that you tear,
pearl is what I see,
its love I recieve,
sacrifice I shall give
my people follow
stay under my shadow
keep you emotions  shallow
execute ur sorrow
dont cut your veins are narrow
as long as u got faith,look up do u see the halo
do you see the moon glow,
do you sense the green grass grow
do you hear the rainfall,
the world you live in is beautiful.