by. Noora Nasrin (Grade 8A, Indian International School, Dubai)

Pretty, beautiful dove

with an olive branch.

What that you resemble

makes my heart feel good.

Do anything, birds, animals,

plants and humans

like the noise of war,

or the sight of destruction?

It's not only the war

but from fight to enmity

its all against peace.

Even though a fight

between friends

is the first step towards war

It makes friends enemies.

Do you think we need it?

So please, everyone

make peace as the 

symbolic power of your life.

Be happy with peace.


by. Aditi Naik (Grade X, Winchester School, Dubai)

A child battered, bruised by war,

A poor soul whose heart is sore,

Asks, what is peace?

To elucidate such a profound word is impossible,

Incredibly hard for a young mind to even fathom,

But we tell her,

Peace means love, unity and harmony

A world void of hatred, violence and jealousy

She has a stunned look on her face,

A flabbergasted expression,

With this she asks, does peace exist nowadays?

Has peace become a figment of our imagination?

Or in pursuit of peace, shall we perpetually be?

Has this become a distant reality?

With wars raging everywhere, does anybody really care?

On the road to progress,

A very grave issue we must address

So much around us we need to change,

Successes and setbacks,

We might face,

To restrain people from all that is wrong,

Is going to take awfully long,

And as we are the youth, global citizens of tomorrow,

We certainly cannot give up now and look away from all this sorrow

And so we tell the child looking at us with gleaming hopeful eyes,

To seek peace,

We must look deep within,

Within the bounds of our heart and soul,

Rests the power to bring about change

We must begin with our own deeds,

Our hatred must cease,

We must try to fulfil others’ needs,

To bring about peace