The Cry for Peace

by. Adithya Rajeev (Grade 10 A JSS Private School, Dubai)

My wishes are many, yet my desires few.

I, born out of the prayers 

Of a wish to see the world united,

A time when hands are held together.

I emerged as the guide

From another plea for peace that goes unheard by many.

There is none who can stomp on me.

I will accompany them to see that day,

Like a light at the end of a dreary tunnel.

Love, happiness, trust so pure that it washes away all the gray,

That is my goal that I’ve set for myself,

A guiding light in the times of trouble.

Oh, I’ve seen it all,

This world is so dark that even I sometimes think about giving up on it.

War, poverty, inequality; the list goes on without an end in sight.

Peace is something so fragile,

It comes and goes much like the winter breeze

A glass like fragility that has no place in this harsh world.

It is a simple word that has no definition.

A mere state which can only be felt.

I believe there can nothing be more powerful than peace,

A tide opposing all the darkness,

A representation of the will of people

The answer that can solve all the problems,

And something that embraces us all equally.

The journey has started quite a while back,

The road is long and it is a tedious journey

I have come too far now to give up now,

The light is starting to shine brighter and brighter,

And although I am divided,

It does not change who I am or what my purpose is

For I am that cry for peace.

I am Hope.