by. Akshay Sathya

Let the sovereign of the east
Brighten your heart with his sheen
Travel a lot till  you glimpse
The beauty of the unseen

Cruise through those lonely roads
Embracing the cold wind
Walk through those mighty crowds
Giving them no hints

May those heart broken nights
Flourish you with blossoms;
Of those meadows of insights
Spreading the fragrances of life

Let the rain shower
Over your egos
Let its soothness
Relieve your sorrows

Spread the beauty of your life
Wait till the fate plays her music
Whose moments explain a lot of things
Which is left unsaid "


by. Carl Amiel V Anacay (United International Private School )

Even though we had a rough year,
we went through it with no fear.
Lost a few friends,
because of their latest trends.
Another story is gonna open again,
What will be in store for us then?
Sharing our laughs,
sometimes even our paths.
Let's fill-in those gaps,
with joyous claps.
Hugs and kisses,
fix all the broken pieces.
All the heart and headaches we had,
we overcame them and we were glad.
There will always be hope,
so let's climb that rope. 


by. Adam Al Mahdi (American International School)

An illusion that cannot escape

which causes people to meander.

A race so passionate and violent today

That it causes its members to follow and sway.

An outcome of everlasting questioning,

So common to hear an untrustworthy mentioning.

Is there any solution I ask?

Or shall I just go on with my task?

Deep and plaintive it is indeed,

Not one even cares about his deed.

Is it so challenging to change one’s habits?

Or is it simple to act like unconscious rabbits?

Her beauty is glamorous and unparalleled.

Staring into her bright eye,

Reminds me of the peacefulness of the Mediterranean Sea.

I await for my charm and companion.

But I truly care most for the one who gave me birth,

As well as lifting me as a little boy and turned me into a man.

Am I aware of the environment that surrounds me?

Or am I in a dream that never ends?

Some may seem to be like philanthropists,

January 8, 2015

While others crave for wealth and power.

Is this a life of comfort and ease,

With a man who aims to conquer it with small devices,

And not to mention glowing systems?

But why do I keep thinking negative?

We can think differently and be positive.

I start my greetings with an Arabic saying:

It is, “Asalmualaykum”.

Translated as, “Peace on you.”

And now I think that we should all start praying,

To the One who created us from the beginning.

And I declare God the Most Merciful,

Who guided us to always be careful,

As a HOPE to all of mankind, men and women.

We don’t seek hope from beings of little understanding.

We seek it from the Only One who created everything.

Look at the beauty God has made.

Observe the wonder of the rose.

A scent so simple and irresistible,

But not under the category of eatable.

A plant that may set you on a fresh path,

And can bring benefit in the subject of math.

Is there a way to infinite success I ask?

Yes indeed there is I reply.

Is it possible to see a world filled with unity,

Cooperation, amity, friendship, and so on?

Yes, but do not trust sometimes and go on.

Don’t be stingy and spend like a fool,

Give like a benefactor, or even build a school.

Ignorance is mankind’s greatest enemy,

Something that destructs a value like alchemy.

Look at the architectural innovation,

I like to put it as Ambition, Inspiration, and Motivation.

Three keys words that function as a rigid rope,

In order to guide us to our world of hope.

Life is short and smile with ease,

Work together and you’ll get your peace.