Impressions: 'Poetic Heart - Connecting Humanity' (Event 2012)

Impressions: 'Poetic Heart - Connecting Humanity' (Event 2012)

Sari Finge – Vice Principal, Secondary Technical School, Ras Al Khaimah – It was an exceptional humanitarian journey and a brilliant attempt to translate poetry into different languages. Poetry expressed in music was beautiful. It would be good to have people from different cultures and regions and have moreactivities for children in particular.

Shaqir Noori – Al Bayan Newspaper – It was an extremely well organized event and I liked it very much. I liked the mix of different personalities especially many languages to convey the message of peace. Such an event should be for more than one day.

Dr. Hassan Elmrani – Participating Poet – Such an event is a spot of light in the dark. It stands distinguished by virtue of being multi-lingual and we can enlarge it further by including more languages. Allah has created people in groups for them to get together and know each other. Civilization is varied and it requires wisdom to interact with each other. Poetry helps us to have that wisdom and connect.

Ms. Shaikha Al Mutairi - Participating Poet – It was a very emotional and enjoyable experience and I don’t think that the event could have been better. I read from the heart and not from a book.

Mrs. Geeta Chhabra – Participating Poet – I loved the event. It was a purposeful and successful event. SGI exhibits good ethics and principles which are vital for humanity and this should spread like fragrance. It was a great attempt followed by great results.

Dr. Shihab Ghanem – Participating Poet – It is a right kind of event for promoting values like peace and humanism and poetry is the best way to do so. The event was well-organized and well-timed. It is a step in the right direction for promoting harmony and understanding in inter-cultural relationships.

Dr. Qais Ghanem – Participating Poet – I was amazed at the number of attendees. It was the third biggest poetry symposium attended by me in terms of audience numbers. It was meticulously planned and very well organized. It was outstanding and should be done again.

Farah Hashim & Manju Cherian – Teachers and a Group of Students – Our Own English HighSchool, Dubai – The set-up was aristocratic and we are in awe. It was educational and fun, and we liked the diverse languages. It was a beautiful merging of cultures and worth the time. We enjoyed the mix of poetry and music. We would like to see more student participation; maybe next time, we could have shortlisted students reciting their poems as well.